Sunday, 29 July 2012

back in britain

So after two weeks in the wonderful italy,im back!
We stayed in a little villa outside in the country,15 minutes train joinery from florence of frienze 
We visited places like Florence(obvs),Lucca,Sienea and Pisa and I have to say I was blown away by all of them,the building,the markets,the atmosphere and the street style.
The leaning tower of pisa is something to tell the grand kids about,it defys the law of gravity and you are blowen away by it because of how spectualr is it.We visted the circular sqauare where the filmed a part of a james bond moive in Siena 

The shops on the other hand less impressive,only two of the high street brands we all know and love were there,zara and h&m

I had set out to buy lots,but I did not,I was very very good and only got a jacket out of zara and a couple of market braclets I really did want some nike blazes as everyone was wearing them but I was advised not too as if something went wrong I couldn't take them back.
The street markets we increablie,they went on forever but you had to be very careful,the stall holders were on you like a leach if you went any where near there stall and you couldn't talk your self out if them,but then I guess they are trying to make a livingIn cities like Florence,they was quite a lot of beggers,in particualr there was a man bebt down on all fours with his hands on his head and a cup out,which was really quite upsetting,you would also get girls walk up to you and shove a cup in your face as if to say' give me money',I don't know maybe this is my own personal opinion but that is NO WAY to make a living.
I've babbled on faaar to much and well I will be posting as per again in a couple of days
I am away now to catch up on two weeks worth of blogs and tv...mmmm life is good.

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