Sunday, 1 July 2012

weekend wish list 2

im getting good at this huh?
this week i don't really want/need/think of anything but number 2 is on the top of my wishlist.

1) i love this dress,the print is gorgeous!my mumma says the colour wouldn't suit me though but im still lusting over it! 

2) this is pretty simple but hey! i need a tripod as i don't think balancing my camera on a window ledge is the best thing ever.

3) i love this so much! its so cute,i like the cut of the top and the print is lovely! i think this would look great with a tan.
bikinis are a think that worry me,even when im not jetting off they still worry me because the areas that you show off are my worse (stomach problems right here!) and as im going on holiday in less than two weeks my mind is concentrating on nothing but that 'bikini body' yep girls im a sucker for looking good,well who inst? 

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