Tuesday, 3 July 2012

little red riding hood

how cute is my new jacket? a little more than i would usually spend on a jacket but I think its worth it,its so bright too! coming from a girl who feels perfectly happy in an all black outfit.

jacket - topshop (sale)

top -primark - so so old but can be found in new look or H&M 
jeans- new look 

I hardly ever buy or get things from topshop purely because i cant afford them but yesterday while I was out with my mum and my sister,i spotted it and i was like "i need it!!" I also saw some of the tops that a couple of my favourite bloggers have worn and its the strangest thing ever seeing the clothes in real life,or is that just me?

I love this stripe top,when i bought it from primark it was like £4(back in the good old days!) unfortantly the top is now dye stained and worn out from all the years of lying in a heap on my floor and I only recently discovered (when i saw 'recently' i mean a couple of years back but im refuse to pay seven pounds for a basic top) that H&M or New Look do them.

I really do love these shoes now that I am a complete pro in walking in them,the only down side is that they make me about 6ft and well i love being tall but when your one of your guy best-friends is smaller than you in these shoes,its a sure downer.

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