Wednesday, 11 July 2012

theres always a rainbow after a storm

top - h&m 
skirt - new look 
cardigin - new look 
shoes - similar here 
hat - new look 

the second and last photo was took out in the rain,i mean look at that FOR JULY! but then the sun decided to come out so i decided to run out and take a couple but i only got two before my battery died :( and the first one was sooo out of focus! why does my camera not like me?! 

anyways,i go on holiday in three days and i have some posts lined up,not a lot but 2 or 3.

i used to wear this cardigan and shirt all the time but now,i dont know i just dont. Weird how you go through stages of loving clothes then never wearing them and then a couple of months later finding them under a pile of clothes...

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