Tuesday, 31 July 2012

hold my hand and ill walk with you

jacket- zara
shirt - vintage;aka my mumma's
shoes - (you cant see them but they are new look black loafers) 

guys!! im in black again,i need to get out of this phase,even my jewellery is black now,dammmm
i love this top and here it doesn't show it off fully,its a Hugo Boss one that my dad got for my 25 years ago when they are going out,she told us about it in Italy and i made a mental note in my head to nick it on here and when i saw it on saturday night in the washing basket,i grabbed it and ran up to my room..im a bad daughter i know.
 my mum and dad likes it on me and in the 8 hours i have been wearing it,it has became one of my favourite tops and it was free!! LML 

no i didnt cut my hair,my mum would kill me if i did,i was just experimenting. this is what the top looks like also.

its my sisters birthday tomorrow,so my family,my grandparents and both our bf's are going out to dinner,which she doesn't know about..i hope
so there will be a wee post of those pictures, i am currently scanning Google for cake ideas,if only i was good at cake decorating.

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