Sunday, 24 June 2012

weekend wish list


Look how cute this all looks! dead pleased,i was meant to be doing an outfit post today but im not feeling like taking pictures of my self today,i don't know what's wrong with me.

1. i wanted this jacket for my birthday but it was sold out EVERYWHERE or it was either in some ridiculous size that i would never be able to fit into to,why topshop?why? but now it is on sale and in my size and i have ZERO money to buy it and well quite frankly im rather upset.

2. HOW CUTE ARE THESE!? i think they would be so perfect for holidays and they are in the sale too at £15! 

3. everyone and there mother has seen these,asos did them,topshop did them and now this fabulous little on-line store is doing them for a mere £2 and they are seriously cute! you can get them in a range of different forms,from gold studs to the little studs you see here! 

4. again the collar tips are from the same website and are the same story! every tom dick and harry has them but these are nicest ones ive seen and are seriously cheap! 

5. sorry i cant find the link but its £28 but all i know its perfect.

6. I NEED THESE SHOES IN MY LIFE i have wanted them for ages and for some reason i didn't by them for my birthday although thinking about it now,i really could have but no,i spent it on make up but i am still lusting these and going to try and save save save! 

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