Saturday, 23 June 2012

Its been a while

so after a month or two of studying hard i have finished school! apart from handing a few books back and wot not but I am no longer a pupil! I am a student! and it feels great.. bearing in mind this is my first day off

my blog will be running again with daily outfits and general me look silly,,who's excited?

jacket : new look
dress: new look
shoes : here or here
bag: vintage 

this is what I will be wearing as I am going out tonight with a couple of friends for some dinner to celebrate the exams finishing! whoohoo.
I love this dress,i wore it back in april maybe.. for my baby cousins christening and I was waaay over dressed! we knew you could wear neon jeans to a christening... i hate being over dressed for family affairs since i don't get on with most of them.

But never the less,i go on holiday in a couple of weeks time and i have lined up a couple of posts for that,thinking a head like a pro.

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