Saturday, 9 June 2012

oh hiya

Top - Primark,Skirt - Zara,Scaf - Vintage,Shoes - ASOS 

HOW FAB ARE MY NEW SHOES!!! I got them on wednesday and haven't taken them off since,i love love love them,my mum wants a pair too! hahah
The scarf is my mums and i mean come one,how beautiful is it! Its just a bit short for my liking though.I have 7 exams left! wooooooo and i have another college interview to go to,busybusybusy.

As you can see i have started wearing fake nails because i have starting biting my nails again (daaammmm) so hi fake nails,i love wearing so much,its just a bit hard wearing them,like to type and to open cans of red bull(love of my life) OR to put on a school uniform,i have glitter all over my shirt from friday thanks to my nails -_- 

OHHHHH at the momment my blog is going through a wee make over and im currently making a header so sorry if my blog looks a bit shitt.


  1. Love your blog! Have only just discovered it but I love the layout, the background and the content! It's fantastic! I have been following for a little while but have only just plucked up the courage to comment and say I love your outfits! Your scarf is especially amazing and you make the top look far more expensive than primark!

    Love your blog and am now an avid reader :)
    Love Scarlett xx

  2. I've just complete fanned girl'ed right now,omg
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means so much, especially from a blogger like you! i've followed your blog for what seems like ages! and I've been so envious of you that you have meet TV stars!

    Thank you thank you so much! xxx

  3. Such a great look!It's vintage yet fashionable,it's "geeky" yet girly!I actually love it!I am so copying it when I go to Uni!!!