Thursday, 14 June 2012

baby there is a shark in the water

 jumper - new look 
scarf - asos 

jeans - primark 
shoes - asos

There's a first,two things from asos,be proud! 

Only one photo today as my camera decides to not focus at all ¬.¬ . I need to get a tripod instead of having my window as the stand,sucks having no monies :( although Im applying for a job!! in Monsoon,i probably wont get it but hey! at least I tired. 

Im actually living in these shoes! best £45 i have ever spent, i have 4 exams left ( four hours and counting) wohhoo! and i never have to be in my school again,this makes me sad and happy,i was speaking to my technology teacher today to get a reference for my application and it was so lovely to speak to him and i will miss school but i can't wait to see what happens next.

like my new layout? i think its fab 

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