Saturday, 21 September 2013

i cant think of a title

Demin Jacket : Gift from a friend
Hooide: Primark
Top: DIY
Necklace: H&M
So Im currently dying with the cold,blocked nose,cough,sore throat,the whole sha bang.That always fun like,Ive been back at college two weeks now and I forgot how hard it is to get up at a decent time every morning and get dressed and have time for everything,my routine needs sorted out big style,I currently wake up ten minutes before I have to leave for college which doesn't leave much time for mistakes like no make up or forgetting something, which have all been done.

I really want to do a post on what i wore last winter,it will hopefully be good to see how I've changed my style and how i can re wear some of those clothes but in different styles.
This was yestardays outfit and i really did like it,it was a warm day but still windy so this was perfect,my top could of been cleaner though,note to self plan outfits night before.
These were taken on a different camera,its a lighter one that i have been carrying around with me,its not the best or the newest but i like how the images are turning out so hopefully I will be doing more on the go posts.

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