Friday, 2 August 2013

One Direction Make up?

really boys,really? today I was shopping with my sister and her boyfriend and we popped into Superdrug and them I saw them and was in utter shock,granted that most of there target audience is girls from about 12-16 but make up,really guys?
The brand they have been using to create the products are no other than the up and coming MUA cosmetic's,they are known for their cheap make up while also being good quality too.

The make up collection prices range from £3-£2.50 so not over all expensive and the range and colours do look good but the idea of one direction make up puts me off so much.

Personally I think its a bit silly but then they are coming out with a perfume and Justin Beiber has one so the boys may as well follow the pop star trend,but I think they should stay with t-shirts and leave the make up to the girls.

1 comment:

  1. Omg, this is so weird! Anything to get more money - I wonder what they'll come out with next!
    Amy & Rachael xx