Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekend Post

Left to Right- 
Monday outfit, Bloggers Lunch, a picture from the post I didn't post
New shoes, big ass spider in my bathroom, Saturday outfit
Thursday OTTD,Jordan O'Keefe at the G8 Summit Concert ,Skulls from the natural history museum

This week was different to say the least,im still happy but sad at the same time(perks of being a walllflower anyone?)
The top right photo was from a Face of the day post I was meant to post but I didnt,its all written up but never published,what was I at that day?

On Saturday my best-friend and her family went into Belfast to watch the G8 Summit event thingy? all I got from it was that there could be even food for everyone if other countries weren't so rich.
Jordan O'Keefe from Britain's Got Talent,aka home boy from Northern Ireland was playing and bless him his sound went off half way through and although that boy is damm fine and a good singer,i just felt really bad for him and then there was fan girls,I have never been so affronted in my life,I had to leave very quickly,don't understand the need for screaming and shouting,he is two feet away from you,calm your shit.

The shoes,I got on Friday,I had been humming and haaing(is that a word?) for about two weeks now on weather i should get these, I had a 15 pound voucher from new look so I was feeling brave and bought themthey only got me 7.50 including student discount,I love them but im not too sure on them! I will try and work with them and do an outfit post this week.

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  1. Hey Victoria Love your shoes in this picture