Monday, 10 June 2013

long time no blog

Left to Right 

outfit,clean bed sheets(are the best),best friend and I 
secret woods& river,outfit,sunset
summer nails,again best friend,outfit 

So this week has definitely been one to remember,there has been lots of goof weather which as brought out the bright clothing out,there has been days where I've made new friends,hung out with some old ones and had such a happy week.
On Wednesday Leah and I went up to where I used to go to school,which was a weird experience seeing it again because I often forget how much I hated the place,I wanted to get some of my work back and I sort of succeeded,the bus cost me £8.80 which I nearly had a heart attack at.

I fell into a river on Friday which was funny but ruined some of my clothes and forced me to go back and change clothes,wet jeans aren't the nicest,it was a pretty place though and it would of been a great outfit shot if I didn't fall in,god dam Victoria 

I'm not going to talk a lot about what I got up to because I'm not really sure if the people who were involved would appreciate me telling my readers about it,so I will leave it out,all you need to know is that im very happy right now.

I will have a couple of outfit posts up this week I promise

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  1. I want your handbag that u have in this picture. Beautiful