Sunday, 10 March 2013

possibly the brightest thing i own

no your eyes are not failing you,i am wearing neon and pink and well im loving it! i got this jumper from Hollister a couple of weeks back,i dont normally go into Hollister but i went in with a friend,i saw the jumper,fell in love with it but i didnt buy it,the next day i went and bought it and bought a wee top for my sister too because im a nice sister,moral of the story is, Hollister smells like heaven.
i love this jumper,i've only worn it out once though,i find that its hard to get things to go with it,but im thinking in the summer,shorts and flip flops will make the perfect look for sight seeing! i do have a bit of a problem with it though,its so bloody low! here im wearing it with no top underneath because im only in my house today but if i were to go outside,i think i would possibly need to cover my dignity,but what colour of top?  idk, i could talk forever on this.

the necklace is from primark and ive wrapped it around twice to make it shorter because it feel naked without something around my neck,i like it,its cute,i was planning on posting this tomorrow but, i want to wear more of my new clothes to show you all!
i have my weekend wishlist coming in a couple of hours,stay tuned! 


  1. Lovely necklace and jumper! Great buys!