Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekend Wishlist

1. Zara Shopper Bag-
 I saw this bag yesterday and its perfect! big enough for college that i can fit all my book in and not too big that i look silly,im really fussy with bags and so far this is the only one from zara i have seen and liked and yes i do have something in my head that wants a zara bag,it also has a long strap which i am is another big big plus for me,im finding it very hard to find that in bags these days,my current ones doesn't and it annoys me at times,but them i do have a zillion other bags i could use,but a black bag is a MUST for a girls wardrobe.
2. iPad with Retina Display Wi-Fi 16GB 
-I have been thinking of this for a while,i want to be able to still blog and have internet when i go on holiday or even in college and you can get cute covers too,going to have to think about this for a while before i actually get one! i am thinking of asking for one for my birthday granted that i put money towards it and look after it.

So i have had a pretty busy weekend or a few days,i was a street style photographer for missguided,yep that was exciting! and i was working at a fashion show on Friday but overall a pretty tiring weekend,today i havent really done much which was nice,i do love lazy Sundays with bacon butties,as i mentioned on Fridays post i am off this week so expect outfit posts and maybe a new what's in my bag!