Friday, 5 October 2012

violence out tonight

i was going to post some music but i thought  i better not,i am in no way musical...musical interments and I do not mix well..and also sport,i guess i will have to find something i am good at..blogging maybe?

jacket : primark 
hoodie : primark 
dress : zara
scarf : primark (last christmas) 
shoes : primark 

so i have been waiting to do this post for AGES,my internet went belly up and stopped working,not good for someone who needs internet 80% of the time because of the blog and what not,so im expecting my phone bill to be waaay up! that will be fun.

but anyway its friday and yayayay! the boy and i  are going to make melted chocolate and have marshmallows, strawberry's,fudge and all that jazz..who is jelly?

i have tonsss of work to for college and yeah i am loving it.

more tomorrow!

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