Wednesday, 29 August 2012

i really have to stop wearing this coat

jacket : primark
shirt : DIY
skirt: new look
bag: new look
shoes : river island
jewellery: primark & river island

so today i went shopping,i was meant to being going with my boyfriend,but he was busy with his car so i was like fuck that,im not waiting on anyone! so i hoped on a bus and went into town.

apart from raining it was a nice day,i love walking around Belfast on my own wandering the streets smiling to myself,i dunno im happy doing that all day

my outfit today was mixed,i didnt really want to wear jeans as i knew i would be trying on clothes.
im just going to be talking rubbish now so im going to stop, More tomorrow!


  1. Pretty coat though! and I like the look :) looks comfy and great for a rainy shopping day

    1. haha yeah it was! i havent taken this coat off since i got it!
      victoria xx