Monday, 27 August 2012

first MAC

okay this is my first MAC purchase..does that make me a professional make up artist? haha 
i had orignally went in the the store i bought it from looking for the MAC fix +  but they didnt have any so i bought the instead as i had in the back of my mind i was due for a new bronzer.

it retails for about £25,i got it for £14.50 and  im not sure if you can get it in stores any more,but i have an ebay link for you,the store i got it from was a outlet store as i was at the shopping complex with my boyfriend getting a starbucks and for you who have not tired a mango passionfruit frappuccino GO its summer in a drink.

anyways the bronzer,as you can see from the photo of it there is a whole mixture of colours,its a whole compact in one and what two bronzes and highlights do, this does it in one which is like a life saver because well who wants loads of compacts taking up space in their make up bag when you can have more lipsticks instead! 

yes this photo is horrible buts its not about it? the bronzer shows up on my skin very glitterly and although it shows up very pink-ish on this photo its not,its more of a goldne bronzed tone which i love.
i am really looking forward to wearing this and buying more and more MAC products..thank god for the store i got it from and if any of you are from northern ireland and visit junction one,the store is called ' the cosmetic company store'    and it does all different high end brands,you can read a bit about it here 

so i have just went in over load with links but im not that great with explaning things so there is links,i hope you have enjoyed this post and tell me what you think! 

ps. what do you think of my new header? 

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