Thursday, 23 August 2012

everyday my coffee is getting stronger

skirt- new look
boots- river island (sale old old)
belt- primark

yes i am wearing boots,not socks. today is results day and shit am i scared,and sorry i haven't posted in like four days oops,this is actually what i wore yesterday to get my mums birthday cake which i decorated and i must say its looks fabulous,so happy birthday mumma!
my boyfriend said to me,'brown and black don't go'.. and because guys like my boyfriend dont know that much about style i nicely asked him to behave.

im to nervous to actually say anything,ask me a week ago and i was fine,now im a mess,i keep having bad dreams of not getting 4 C's which i need to get into college.

yeah more tomorrow! i have to go to my college with my results and then to my old school to say to them,no i dont want to go back to your crap school.

every time my dogs bark i think its my post man..dammmm

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