Saturday, 28 April 2012

all these people

I haven't done an outfit post in seems like forever! because well i started school again and I've been super busy, I've had a college interview and i have two more to go which im super super excited about! (i said super three times there) 

sgfdshgh what im in a house in a different location?? yep,im in my boyfriends in (well was) we went out for dinner last night and then i stayed at his so i took these while he was getting dressing,he takes forever! We had a really nice meal and then we came back to his and ended up falling asleep on the sofa while watching the inbetweeners! such comedy, isn't the house beautiful? well what you can see of it.. 

my face looked awful so have a cartoon face :)
dress - primark 
belt -primark 
necklace -primark 
shoes - fake jc litas

So the outfit, that's what you have came here for,duh...
i have posted about this dress before,but i wore it last night with my fake jc litas and my leather jacket which i live in and my boyfriend hates! The outfit was pretty simple as we weren't doing anything super exciting.

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